The Most Versatile Patio Cover 

Uncovered patios and decks take the brunt of the summer sun. As a result, we avoid using them because the heat and intense sunlight make them uncomfortable. Traditional patio covers such as Lattice (also known as pergolas), solid roofs, and retractable awnings help ease this problem—but each comes with its own compromise. Lattice/Pergolas offer no weather protection, solid roofs don’t allow sunlight to come in when you want it during winter months, and retractable awnings must be retracted during windy conditions.

The Solution is the Equinox Louvered Roof. Homeowners and businesses can now control their outdoor living spaces for year-round comfort!

There are many advantages to owning the Equinox patio cover system:

  1. The Equinox Adjustable Louvered Roof can withstand the elements year-round and is completely waterproof when closed.
  2. It requires no maintenance, it offers shade or sunlight on demand, and it can be remotely operated.
  3. There are no limitations to the style of building to which the Equinox system can be applied since it is versatile enough to accommodate any architectural style.

Whether you have a gable or pitched roof, bay windows or doors, or an angled roof or walls, an Equinox Louvered Roof system can be engineered to suit your design and lifestyle needs. Stucco and stone veneers can also be applied to blend in with the architecture of your home or business.

By blocking the sun’s powerful rays, an Equinox Louvered Roof system not only improves your patio and outdoor area, it also helps inside too. Now you’ll have extra fade protection for your expensive window coverings, carpets, and furniture, plus it will reduce solar heat gain and thereby reduce your summer cooling costs.

These benefits—combined with the entire system operating on solar power—makes the Equinox Louvered Patio Roof the greenest, most energy efficient, and easiest to use patio cover product on the market today.

The Equinox Louvered Roof transforms from a solid cover to an open garden trellis in seconds. When open, it gives light, ventilation, and views of the clear sky above. When closed, it provides complete shade and water protection. When vented, it provides full shade while allowing hot air to escape, drawing cooler air onto your patio. All this takes place at the touch of a button… you are in control of the light and weather for your outdoor living area.

Each Equinox louver rotates in unison with the ability to stop anywhere, allowing the precise amount of desired light, shade, and ventilation. This motion is run by a small 12 volt DC motor, powered by a solar panel and controlled by either a toggle switch or remote control. As with all of our retractable shade products, the Equinox Louvered Roof system can be integrated with home automation systems allowing pre-programmed settings, times, moisture sensors, etc. When closed, the interlocking louver blades create a waterproof seal, and water drains away into the integrated gutter system and downspout.

The Equinox Louvered Roof is suited for use in all types of outdoor areas. It can be attached to existing structures or be free-standing. It can even be incorporated as a sky-light into an existing, solid patio roof. Equinox is ideal for patios, decks, BBQ or outdoor kitchen areas, courtyards, hot tubs/spas, swimming pools, gazebos, entryways, and anywhere else that you need sun, light, and weather control. Any outdoor space can be accommodated, regardless of size or shape.

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