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Why should I purchase from

Awnings by Design


Awnings by Design first started installing

retractable patio awnings and screens

in the early 80's and is now considered the leader in the industry...not only on a local level, but a national level as well. We're one of the largest retractable shade product companies in the USA!

What makes our retractable awnings and screens better than others?

The ABD Select line of products were hand selected from hundreds of optional suppliers and vendors worldwide. It's this comprehensive research that makes us so confident that our line of products are the finest available in the market. We can choose to carry any product we want...we chose to only carry the best.

Why are there both

Exterior and Interior Retractable Screens?

The decision is based on the need. Anything you do outside the glass is 7 times more effective for heat gain than on the inside. Simply put – if heat gain is the problem exterior is the answer. If fade and glare are the primary problems then interior is the answer.

I have an existing patio cover but the sun still comes under it in the mornings or afternoons...what can I do?

You can install what’s called a

Vertical Drop Screen,

which you can roll down during those problematic times of day to give you

shade reducing heat

and glare.

Will the awning have posts that obstruct my views?

No, retractable awnings are self supporting and require no vertical support. You have use of your outdoor living space without having any obstacles in your way.

Why should I purchase a

retractable awning

vs. a stationary patio cover?

With a

retractable awning

you control when you want shade and how much. With a

stationary awning,

it is always there even on a cloudy day when you want light inside your home. Retractable awnings last longer than stationary fabric awnings since they are not exposed to the elements 24 hours a day.

How are retractable awnings and screens operated?

They can be operated with a wall switch, a remote control, even with automatic sun and wind sensors. If you have a home automation system, our retractable awnings and screens can integrate with it for further ease of use and automation.

Who will install my awning/screen?

We have our own professional installation technical personnel. All of our installers and electricians are employees, no subcontractors.

Who do I call if I ever need service?

We are a full service company. Simply call our service department to schedule a service appointment. If you have a mechanical, electrical or fabric problem one call takes care of everything.

Will the screen frames match my home?

We have several colors that match most standard window frames that are installed on homes here in Arizona. We can also provide custom colors to match any exterior home color.

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